Saturday, February 19, 2011


One of the real pleasures of urban exploration, investigations, and legend tripping is the chance to see real history still clinging to life.  Despite neglect and abandonment or simple age they remain to delight those observant enough to see and appreciate what is found.

Do all you can to help locales preserve their important history and make it survive for future generations.

Anyone can destroy, spray paint, or trash someplace - it takes special people to build or rebuild.

Hallway to Hades

It Was A Dark and Storied Night....

Using notebooks participants in a field trial explore a historic and empty building.


Cullan Hudson, author of the popular book Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, was photographed during a conference in Oklahoma City's film district.  The fulsome orb in the upper corner: a fan from another dimension or just a particle of dust?


"The blood stains are still there. They get cleaned but come back." That was the story told while investigating this alleged haunted locale in eastern Oklahoma. Said to be the site of cruel and senseless violence decades earlier.

In the darkened site the spots were pointed out and a photo taken (with a camera strap in the image for some scale).

The color of the spots was a deep rust and could have been blood...or paint.  

The problem with these types of claims is the lack of any ability to verify - through testing using scientific means - if they are true blood stains forever stained into the wood or something more benign.

Photo Fake

A demon child with glowing eyes?  No, a product of bad Photoshop job.  Again, a lesson for any to accept at face value what might appear to be a really fascinating bit of evidence.


This image from a location in eastern Oklahoma, privately owned, was taken during a visit to what is believed to be an old haunted church. Stories of phantom church goers trudging into service in the midnight hours are numerous.  As we sat in the dark during the investigation, an imperceptible glow seemed to arise near the bench, appeared to be a figure just left of the window.  When the photo was later examined was nothing there.  An orb appears in the upper right but may be only a dust particle caught in the flash.

Seeing Things

In this photograph a face peers out from the middle of the wall,  Or does it?

In a location in eastern Oklahoma, privately owned, is this building. A lot of investigations have occurred there, many physic mediums, and a lot pictures taken.  

The story is that this face shows up in many images.  The question is: is it a face psychically burned into the wood  or just an irregularity in the old paneling?  Perhaps just a trick of light and shadow?

The image, taken by me, is an example of just how the eye can sometimes see what it wants to see and that may have no connection to reality at all.

A good lesson for anyone going into the field.