Saturday, October 26, 2013

Active at the Mansion

During the recent  evening holiday tours of the Overholser Mansion and sessions with local author and story artist, Marilyn A. Hudson, the mansion welcomed visitors in its unique way. 
Numerous dead batteries, footsteps, the scent of roses, and several strange photographic anomalies were reported.  Shown here is photo of the area where a camera could not focus and could be heard as it tried to focus - the way it did when too many people moved in a photo group ...yet images from other parts of the room had no difficulty focusing and were very clear.

The lingering presence of several occupants is not at all frightening...the place was too well loved and the people there just too happy leave.  No dark presences or foreboding feelings have been reported.  They are however, apparently not above playing the fun prank on occasion. 

Take the tour of the 1903 mansion, enjoy the slice of life as it was when OKC was young, and support the preservation of this valuable historic site.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Hudson shown here in a previous
program at the Mansion
Norman author and storyteller, Marilyn A. Hudson, will be performing for a fourth year at the historic Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City on October 24, 25 for “Scary Stories and Twilight Tours.”   The program will feature two story sessions, at 7p.m. and at 8 p.m., each followed by a museum staff led tour of the mansion built in 1903. 

Marilyn A. Hudson is co-author of the recently released paranormal suspense novel, The Mound,  set in a fictional eastern Oklahoma community.   She is also author of a collection of chilling tales, The Bones of Summer, a historical look at some strange deaths along Oklahoma railroads from 1900 to 1920, When Death Rode the Rails,  a collection of historic tales of early Oklahoma City, Tales of Hell’s Half Acre, and a look at some Victorian and Edwardian era crimes in Murderous Marriages.

Hudson has been active as a storyteller for over ten years  in Oklahoma and is a member of the  Oklahoma Territory Tellers and facilitator of the new OKC Tellers Storytelling Guild

For reservations and ticket information contact 

The Overholser Mansion 
405 NW 15th Street 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73103 
405/ 525-5325


The Downtown Library in Oklahoma City will feature special series every Friday in October from Noon to 1 p.m.  The "Paranormal Explorer Series"  requires no registration.  Bring a lunch or purchase one from the on site eatery, "The First Edition Cafe".

Oct. 3 - Sooner Paranormal  of Oklahoma
Oct. 11- School of Metaphysics - Intuitive Reporting
Oct. 18-Andrea Fster, Professional Astrologer
Oct. 26 - School of Metaphysics - Lucid Dreaming

Downtown Library is lcated at 300 Park Ave., 405-606-3865 and

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is There a Correlation Between Geologic Substructure and the Paranormal?

Oklahoma Geologic Survey

One of the most important things to look for when investigating paranormal or unusual events is pattern. The state seems full of strange events...but by and large most stories fall into the regions where there is a great deal of limestone.

Researchers have long theorized about the influence of underground water, granite and limestone substratas and incidences of hauntings or paranormal activity.  Since granite and limestone are great conductors of is possible there is a relationship between areas made sensitive to receiving and passing on electro-magnetic fields to the surface.  In a previous post, there was the suggestion of high density electric lines as contributing to some activity in certain regions. Now, it does appear as if a look underneath could be useful. Contacting the state geologic survey, checking local library references can all assist in the process.

Add to this fault lines and various other geologic activity and there is compelling data needing further exploration.  Using the map to the upper right researchers could plot notable and significant repeat areas of paranormal activity over the last 100 years and see if it aligns with the underground activity theory.

Mapping incidents of such activity may demonstrate a pattern of geologic structure and hauntings. Perhaps as other areas begin to explore they may also test this theory to see if it bears out as a viable explanation for at least some paranormal incidences. In 2011, Oklahoma experienced its largest quake a 5+ and with it come discovery of an unknown fault line running north from OKC to Kansas and to Omaha.
Oklahoma Geologic Survey

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Case of Oppression

The following is based a real case, the names have been withheld for their privacy and they have given permission for this account to be shared.

A couple in south central Oklahoma was experiencing just a normal life, however, it seemed to the wife that her husband was drinking a little more and was getting depressed frequently.  This continued for several months and the general depression increased, as did the drinking.  Never violent, the man just drank heavily but never to the point of being drunk. 

One night the wife was having trouble sleeping and went to another room to read for awhile. She ended up reading for a long time and saw it was only an hour before her usual wake up time.  Getting up she went to the bedroom shared with her husband and as the door opened the light from the lamp illuminated a strange scene.

A black foggy, small but man shaped something was perched on his chest. Its dark shadowy face almost nose to nose with her husband's face.  There was a very cold and evil feel to the room and she instantly knew this was the cause of the changes in  her husband.  A religious woman, she pointed a finger at the invasive entity. Never speaking aloud, she sent it the message to "get out!"  "Get away from him, in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave him alone! Get out!! Get out!! You are NOT welcome here!"  It just blinked out....disappeared from sight. 

From that day to the present, the woman asserts, she has had no problems with issues in her house and her husband's mental and emotional health vastly improved and he stopped drinking. 

The description fits the general incubus, old hag, demons, and succubus descriptions through the ages.  The fact that the woman in this case was awake when this entity was seen is intriguing and make necessitate reevaluating those old stories and the general acceptance of the sleep disorder explantion.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Networking: Competition in Paranormal Research

In many special interest groups there is often a spirit of community, a delight in finding others with similar interests, the exciting possibility of learning new skills or seeing new frontiers conquered.   Unfortunately, in many regions paranormal groups seem to suffer from competition rather than collaboration.  They safeguard information about their investigations, not to preserve the privacy of a client but to keep the 'goodies' to themselves.  Paranormal investigations will NEVER be taken seriously as long as groups do not develop networking skills and collaborate.  No single group can ever have the resources, people, money, skills, and opportunities to achieve something important in the field. The need for unity and cooperation is great.

Reasons for this lack of collaboration are many but several seem to appear repeatedly. These include:

  • A desire for control/power (over the investigation, thinking, events, or people)
  • A blind faith in the reality of hauntings rather than a desire to collect evidence
  • An unwillingness to adjust views, learn new things, and reevaluate preconceptions
  • A desire for a 'spook hunt' rather than serious research
Now is the time for collaboration, networking, and helping one another in order to achieve serious evidence collected in a professional manner and with a professional eye to the needs for testing and sharing information.