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Group Added

Here is a message from  Sheri Graham, Co-Founder/Investigator of Gateway Paranormal Research & Investigation. She invites readers to check them out at and they have a Facebook page

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Spooky Poem

The House of Dust (Marilyn A. Hudson, 2015)

They gather to exercise their creaking bones,

To sharpen their jagged talons,

To spit out death and scream out their moans.

They all look at me.

Shuffling in, clutching the rags of the grave,

Lashed to the corpse of their depravity;

Seeking fresh dreams to corrupt and enslave.

They all look at me.

Creaking and groaning they point and chew;

Tearing raw flesh and gnawing at bone.

Red beady eyes scan all around and then gaze at you.

They all look at me.

Miming their smile, revealing bloody fanged teeth.

Demons swirling around, sneering in glee.

Their master’s drag the grave seeking the hell underneath.

They all look at me.

They cackle, scamper, and whisper of what will come;

The gibbering fears yet to be.

I look them in the eye, “what you fear is what you now see.”

They all… look at me.

Strange Image from OKC Location

Originally shared by researcher and author Cullan Hudson on his blog Strange State, these images are strange and at first glance are not easy to explain away.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The OKC EDGE Keeps OKC Sharp

"We are an online Newspaper that covers Geek Society and Pop Culture."  Editor "Will Harrison" known for covering many entertainment events and gatherings all over Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Also a comic fan and film enthusiest he enjoys covering these topics on The OKC Edge. For more information contact Will at

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A recent investigation in an Oklahoma City locality is turning up some interesting artifacts.  During a walk through a photo was taken showing two things at work :
1) The image was strangely out of focus (because later after certain events the photos were all clear) 2) The presence of anomalous lights in the image cannot be explained or repeated

(Copyright story by M. Hudson,  Whorl Books, 2014)

The light five pews back cannot be accounted for as reflection.
The small white light to the right of the reflection from the ceiling lamps cannot be accounted for. Repeated photos did not show the reflection, examination of the area did not show any source for the light.  The are was identified in the initial walk through as being a "cold spot".

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Active at the Mansion

During the recent  evening holiday tours of the Overholser Mansion and sessions with local author and story artist, Marilyn A. Hudson, the mansion welcomed visitors in its unique way. 
Numerous dead batteries, footsteps, the scent of roses, and several strange photographic anomalies were reported.  Shown here is photo of the area where a camera could not focus and could be heard as it tried to focus - the way it did when too many people moved in a photo group ...yet images from other parts of the room had no difficulty focusing and were very clear.

The lingering presence of several occupants is not at all frightening...the place was too well loved and the people there just too happy leave.  No dark presences or foreboding feelings have been reported.  They are however, apparently not above playing the fun prank on occasion. 

Take the tour of the 1903 mansion, enjoy the slice of life as it was when OKC was young, and support the preservation of this valuable historic site.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Hudson shown here in a previous
program at the Mansion
Norman author and storyteller, Marilyn A. Hudson, will be performing for a fourth year at the historic Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City on October 24, 25 for “Scary Stories and Twilight Tours.”   The program will feature two story sessions, at 7p.m. and at 8 p.m., each followed by a museum staff led tour of the mansion built in 1903. 

Marilyn A. Hudson is co-author of the recently released paranormal suspense novel, The Mound,  set in a fictional eastern Oklahoma community.   She is also author of a collection of chilling tales, The Bones of Summer, a historical look at some strange deaths along Oklahoma railroads from 1900 to 1920, When Death Rode the Rails,  a collection of historic tales of early Oklahoma City, Tales of Hell’s Half Acre, and a look at some Victorian and Edwardian era crimes in Murderous Marriages.

Hudson has been active as a storyteller for over ten years  in Oklahoma and is a member of the  Oklahoma Territory Tellers and facilitator of the new OKC Tellers Storytelling Guild

For reservations and ticket information contact 

The Overholser Mansion 
405 NW 15th Street 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73103 
405/ 525-5325


The Downtown Library in Oklahoma City will feature special series every Friday in October from Noon to 1 p.m.  The "Paranormal Explorer Series"  requires no registration.  Bring a lunch or purchase one from the on site eatery, "The First Edition Cafe".

Oct. 3 - Sooner Paranormal  of Oklahoma
Oct. 11- School of Metaphysics - Intuitive Reporting
Oct. 18-Andrea Fster, Professional Astrologer
Oct. 26 - School of Metaphysics - Lucid Dreaming

Downtown Library is lcated at 300 Park Ave., 405-606-3865 and

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is There a Correlation Between Geologic Substructure and the Paranormal?

Oklahoma Geologic Survey

One of the most important things to look for when investigating paranormal or unusual events is pattern. The state seems full of strange events...but by and large most stories fall into the regions where there is a great deal of limestone.

Researchers have long theorized about the influence of underground water, granite and limestone substratas and incidences of hauntings or paranormal activity.  Since granite and limestone are great conductors of is possible there is a relationship between areas made sensitive to receiving and passing on electro-magnetic fields to the surface.  In a previous post, there was the suggestion of high density electric lines as contributing to some activity in certain regions. Now, it does appear as if a look underneath could be useful. Contacting the state geologic survey, checking local library references can all assist in the process.

Add to this fault lines and various other geologic activity and there is compelling data needing further exploration.  Using the map to the upper right researchers could plot notable and significant repeat areas of paranormal activity over the last 100 years and see if it aligns with the underground activity theory.

Mapping incidents of such activity may demonstrate a pattern of geologic structure and hauntings. Perhaps as other areas begin to explore they may also test this theory to see if it bears out as a viable explanation for at least some paranormal incidences. In 2011, Oklahoma experienced its largest quake a 5+ and with it come discovery of an unknown fault line running north from OKC to Kansas and to Omaha.
Oklahoma Geologic Survey

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Case of Oppression

The following is based a real case, the names have been withheld for their privacy and they have given permission for this account to be shared.

A couple in south central Oklahoma was experiencing just a normal life, however, it seemed to the wife that her husband was drinking a little more and was getting depressed frequently.  This continued for several months and the general depression increased, as did the drinking.  Never violent, the man just drank heavily but never to the point of being drunk. 

One night the wife was having trouble sleeping and went to another room to read for awhile. She ended up reading for a long time and saw it was only an hour before her usual wake up time.  Getting up she went to the bedroom shared with her husband and as the door opened the light from the lamp illuminated a strange scene.

A black foggy, small but man shaped something was perched on his chest. Its dark shadowy face almost nose to nose with her husband's face.  There was a very cold and evil feel to the room and she instantly knew this was the cause of the changes in  her husband.  A religious woman, she pointed a finger at the invasive entity. Never speaking aloud, she sent it the message to "get out!"  "Get away from him, in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave him alone! Get out!! Get out!! You are NOT welcome here!"  It just blinked out....disappeared from sight. 

From that day to the present, the woman asserts, she has had no problems with issues in her house and her husband's mental and emotional health vastly improved and he stopped drinking. 

The description fits the general incubus, old hag, demons, and succubus descriptions through the ages.  The fact that the woman in this case was awake when this entity was seen is intriguing and make necessitate reevaluating those old stories and the general acceptance of the sleep disorder explantion.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Networking: Competition in Paranormal Research

In many special interest groups there is often a spirit of community, a delight in finding others with similar interests, the exciting possibility of learning new skills or seeing new frontiers conquered.   Unfortunately, in many regions paranormal groups seem to suffer from competition rather than collaboration.  They safeguard information about their investigations, not to preserve the privacy of a client but to keep the 'goodies' to themselves.  Paranormal investigations will NEVER be taken seriously as long as groups do not develop networking skills and collaborate.  No single group can ever have the resources, people, money, skills, and opportunities to achieve something important in the field. The need for unity and cooperation is great.

Reasons for this lack of collaboration are many but several seem to appear repeatedly. These include:

  • A desire for control/power (over the investigation, thinking, events, or people)
  • A blind faith in the reality of hauntings rather than a desire to collect evidence
  • An unwillingness to adjust views, learn new things, and reevaluate preconceptions
  • A desire for a 'spook hunt' rather than serious research
Now is the time for collaboration, networking, and helping one another in order to achieve serious evidence collected in a professional manner and with a professional eye to the needs for testing and sharing information.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Haunted Places: That Are

The Overholser Mansion, Oklahoma City.

History: Built in 1903 by local land and banking leader, Henry Overholser.  Only lived in by the Overholsers, first the elder Overholsers (Henry and Anna) and later the daughter and  her husband (she was Ione Overholser Perry).  Rare among historic houses due to the contents being original to the house.

Reports:  As early as the 1960's witnesses, including the wife of then Senator Mike Monroney, reported seeing a woman dressed in white in the area of the drawing room and the music room.  These rooms were centers of social life for the Overholsers, reports of smelling smoke in the Cigar room, music in the music room, and the buzz of conversation are common.   Reports of slamming doors, impressions of a body in a new made bed, a woman seen from outside in the turret room, and other occurrences are numerous.  Numerous  psychics and investigators have had 'interesting' experiences in the house, the coach house, and on the grounds. 

Happy Holidays!

May there be warmth, love, and friendship all around you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Publisher Seeking Submissions for Charity Book

The House Down the Street
2013 project
Whorl Books announces it is planning a short story collection for 2013 featuring work by authors aged 12 and over.  The proposed title of the work is 'THE HOUSE DOWN THE STREET."   Interested authors are invited to submit work for this project.

Project description:
1. Fund-raising book featuring submitted work.  Any royalities from sales of this work will go to a designated local history, literacy,  or arts project.
2. Authors/publisher will not receive finanical renumeration.
3. Authors will be properly credited and their material will be first-rights use only. All other rights return to the author.

1. Work must be original to the person submitting the material.
2. Submissions should be submitted as word documents (.doc) and sent to the email address listed below.
3.  A short bio statement of the author should be included in the email (name, where author lives, attends/attended school, etc.)
4.   The following statement should be included in the email:  "The work submitted here, [insert name of story], is the original creation of [insert author name]. I give permission for Whorl Books to publish it for charity fundraising purposes and recognize that no payment will be made for this use but that all rights return to me after this publication."
5.  Story should be approximately 5 to 10 pages.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria.
1.  The writing is topically connected with the book title.
2.  The writing is quality work (grammar, spelling, style, form, etc.)
4.  The writing follows MLA formatting as to form. It should use Times New Roman or Tahoma,  12 point font, and have author name on each page (in the header field).
5.   The writing avoids language or content which would not be suitable for ages 12 to 16.  
6.   The writing reveals innovative use of the language and does not resort to over use of cliche or stereotypes.
7.   The story is engaging and enjoyable.

Email: (projector coordinator)

Monday, July 2, 2012


August 18, 2012 in Enid, Oklahoma "GHOSTLAHOMA" arrives.  Tickets for this paranormal themed event will be $25 and vendor booths will be $50 which includes one ticket.

See more HERE - including bios of the speakers.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sometimes local legends are merely that.  The product of fevered imaginations with too much time on their hands?

The Legend:  In the early 1990's accounts of a "Hatchet House" with accompanying awful murder and porch and/or driveway painted red to hide "all the blood", began to appear in local OKC newspapers and in rumors. Soon tales of swings moving in the moonlight.....and ghostly voices of children playing..... began to flesh out the vague and lurid premise. 

Now, every Halloween local haunters flock to the historic district of the Gatewood Neighborhood to find the notorious house with hatchet cutouts...or the red painted porch....or the driveway where 'they found the body.' 

The Investigation: 
This seemed like an easy find....track down the dastardly crime....solve the mystery...provide some background for this legend. So far...however, no such crime has come to light. The area only dates back to the 1920's when it boomed along with various other areas of the city. Its classic hometown feel and its historic homes kept it a special place for many decades. 

There was one tragedy as children, going to and coming from the local elementary school (Gatewood Elementary) were struck by automobiles...a few random crimes....and some natural deaths. Finding a grim and ghastly crime worthy of such a horrific legend....has so far drawn a blank. No murder stained drive way. No body buried beneath local swing set. 

Conclusion: The story is similar to the tale in the Don Knotts comedy, "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with its tale of murder, blood stained organ keys ("and they used Bon-Ami!"), and generally bad reputation associated with a stereotypical locale.  No doubt the unusual selection of hatchets sparked the origins of this urban legend. They had to mean something, right? A story of a young girl who was frightened one night in the  park near Eugene Field Elementary (at the time in the 1980's a drug infested and very scary place) bears a strong resemblance to the other story and may reflect confluence of story elements. Drug dealers have been known to start and circulate scary stories to keep the nosy away from areas of 'business.'

Unless, and until, something definite is discovered this is no doubt another OKC Urban Legend. So, drive through the area and enjoy the neighborhood that is on the national history registry.....but give the folks there a rest because there is really nothing else to see there.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Choctaw was settled in 1890 and by statehood in 1907 the town could claim less than three hundred souls. Today, it is a modest and pleasant community under 20,000 with most growth occurring in outlying portions of the community. 

In the older heart of the town at the north end stands an elementary school and right next door is a junior or middle high building.  A few blocks south is the new (since destruction by the May 3, 1993 tornado) public library.  It's original incarnations were first as a book mobile and then a corner in the old community center (just off the shopping center dead center of town). It was a daytime only library for most of its life until it moved into the building destroyed by the tornado and then late hours were a modest closing by 6 p.m. or 8 p.m.

Persistent urban legends claim ghostly activity at both of these places.  Yet, detailed investigations into the claims results in classing them as distinct urban myths probably begun by bored local youth. Boredom, controlled substance abuse, high spirits, pranks, and hoaxes are often behind many such local stories. Since this is how most  urban legends begin it is not too surprising they seem to 'hang' in mid-air with out context, beginning, or end. 

Take the tale of the elementary school.  In the front of the middle school is a place where one may sit and in the day you can hear children playing - from the school yard just over the wall!   At night, there are enough surfaces to generate whistling wind, scrapping branches, and dried leaves enough to set a heart racing and the imagination busy.

The library, staff and customers, many of whom where long time regulars, could not verify any unusual incidents of books flying off the shelves late at night.  The cleaners also could not provide any information. In addition, the hours , line of sight, security cameras and customer flow at all locations which had housed the library make it unlikely the tale has any validity.   

Additionally, no local news, events, or stories corroborate a rationale for the alleged visitations.  This also adds to the conclusion the initial investigation was correct to label it an urban legend. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


On the blog Mystorical is an account of unsolved and grisly murders in Oklahoma City in the 1970's.  Read the story in "What Lies Beneath" .  Such an area would make an interesting investigation since the houses are all gone.  Could an EVP of quality be recorded in such an area?  With the neighborhoods all gone where the murders occurred and open spaces in their place has something been waiting to communicate an identity? Would photographic evidence be possible?

Monday, February 20, 2012


The Legend: Conduct a search and you are sure to find entries like this: " The real "Cry Baby Bridge" is in....(Kiefer, Schulter, Catoosa, Oklahoma City, and there are 3 more "fake " ones in Kellyville.) The OKC road has been completely re-routed, and the bridge is no longer standing. The original legend goes like this: Legends states that if you go there you can sometimes hear, or see, the woman looking for her baby in the form of a glowing soft blue light. " -- See Shadowlands, or numerous other sites that lifted their information in total from other sites.

Despite some postings like this on various websites this is one story that has to be re-evaluated with facts. Debate on the web as to the location of the "real" Crybaby Bridge in Oklahoma totally ignores the folkloric root of this tale. It is in folklore that the meaning and identification of the bridge must be found.

The story of the Crybaby Bridge always begs the question, which one? Such bridges have been identified through local legend in almost every state from New York to Ohio to Oklahoma and a few further west. Since the story did not originate in Oklahoma all claims that the "real" bridge is in Oklahoma are untrue.

Experts have seen that in the western versions, there is an apparent relationship to the Hispanic tale of La Llorona. This old legend tells of a woman who drowned her children to be with her young lover, who in turn deserted her. The contemporary case of Susan Smith comes to mind as a modern example of just the same type of tragedy. This source tale may date back to pre-colonial Mexico and may even refer to an early native deity.

In these crybaby bridge tales a frequent motif is the (a)shamed daughter rejected by her father, (b) baby and woman died (either through cold or through drowning), and listeners are encouraged to remember the tale as (c) a memorial to lost innocence.

An old Irish folk song may have helped shape the development of this legend. in modern times. “Mary of the Wild Moors” is a haunting tune that has the elements of the shamed daughter, the infant baby, the rejecting father, and the lingering cry heard in the place of their death on the cold stoop of the cottage. It is moody and haunting making it a memorable tale. 
Although, many areas have their haunted hollows, stretches of eerie road or spooky woods (one such place was recorded near El Reno in the early 1900's, the sight of an alleged murder). Many of these bridge tales, by comparison, seemed to have all arisen during the 1920's and 1930's.

If, as many believe, urban legends, are as much morality tales cautioning about behavior, then the often dangerous bridges of the early years, coupled with the moral threat posed by a newly independently mobile youth, could easily have led to the development of this tale and explain its enduring appeal.

Investigation: Oklahoma, like Ohio, has several bridges identified as a Cry Baby Bridge. Most have been closed down over the years, lost as roads were rerouted, or simply replaced by newer bridges. I visited one alleged sight in southwest Oklahoma County. It was down an old dirt road and had been closed for decades to motor vehicles. The metal had rusted and the wooden planks were beginning to weaken.

It crossed a narrow ravine where a tiny trickle of dirty water flowed decorated here and there with the debris of cast off appliances and car parts. An old concrete pipe in one side of the ravine served to spill out rain water from somewhere. Listening carefully, it was clear there was a small whistling or crying sound as the wind played over the exposed pipe. It would easy to see in the dark, in an excited and suggestible state of mind, their could be heard 'crying'.

Conclusion: Urban Legend.  A fabricated story. In the clear light of day I could hear the wind sighing through the pipe, and knew that in the dead of night it might sound like the whimpering cries of a child, or the mournful pleas of a woman in pain. Legend affirms the stereotypical 'crybaby bridge' story elements - found in numerous states and predating the Oklahoma sites.  Yet, local news sources do not confirm any such accidents in the locale.


Kitchen Lake, Hudson Photo
Soon to be turned into a 30 acre fishing and park area, as of Feb. 2012.

Kitchen Lake.  Just east of SE 149th and SE 119th & Sooner Road,   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The legend: A witch's house, burned to the ground, batteries die/drain, animal parts hanging from trees, strange anomalies, creepy feelings, etc. Some claim the event occurred in the early 1900's.

Kitchen Lake, Hudson Photo
The Investigation:  The area is in the region south of Tinker AFB land, where in the late 1940's a huge fire destroyed land and houses there (most were being demolished). This fire, no doubt,  becomes mixed with the general fire legend leading to a corruption of both tales.  The Tinker fire, since it involved aircraft fuel, did linger in the air for a long time according to locals and newspaper accounts.  The area of the house revealed evidence of a fire but no mysterious hanging animals, no energy draining, no strange feelings, and nothing but the isolation  of a rural area.  Most reports indicate the 'house' was empty when it burned (possibly due to lightening strike). It was obvious from examination of the region, it was a popular area for people to park and drink (the so called lake, low and swamp like filled with plants, was rife with tossed beer cans, bottles, and wrappers). A few people still live in the area, some horses are kept, and many no trespassing signs indicate problems with sight seers. Temperature fluctuations were explained by air coming off the nearby body of water; this created cool drafts and might account for some of the 'strange smoke' (fog) observed.  The house is also in the general area of an alleged 'cry-baby bridge' which has been debunked.

Conclusion: The legend is a whole cloth urban fantasy, no doubt constructed by bored local youth, added to by skittish legend trippers fueled by drugs, drink, and/or fabrication. Examination of known photos is inconclusive and may reflect nothing more than smoke (never smoke on an investigation!), fog, or insects.

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New Groups Added to Groups Page

Check out the listings for Oklahoma groups on the tab at the top of the page.  They are listed to area where they are based for ease of contact.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


A lovely cool autumn day dwindled down into a mild evening perfect for a night on the town or a tour of a historic mansion followed by ghostly tales of legend and imagination by storyteller and author Marilyn A. Hudson. 

The mansion fulfilled it reputation as a unique and lovely place for all. It also offered its own little surprises for visitors...the lingering scent of roses, long a favored flower of the late Mrs. Overholser was encountered by two people in two different tour groups.

The museum uses no scents or any product to have created the aroma.   The sounds of footsteps on an empty floor were also heard by one in attendance.  A deep chill was encountered by one in an area known for its strange activities.   One person caught an orb or two as well (see photo).

As always, the lovely and historic mansion gracefully opened its arms to those who selected to travel into the past on a cool autumn evening.  The Overholsers were known for their social gatherings and enjoyed the company of friends in the house. So is it any surprise that when company comes to call once again that there is a stirring, a welcome, and - just occasionally - a small chill?

Any season of the year, this magnificent reminder of past times, past lives, and past tragedies is a tour worth the taking.   Support for this mansion is a way for its history of the rough and tumble energy of the birth of Oklahoma City and the state to be preserved for future generations.   Having walked its halls and sat silently in its rooms....can anyone wonder if having called it home... that anyone could bear to leave?

---Marilyn A. Hudson, c2011

Friday, October 28, 2011


The day was cold and rainy, temperatures beginning to drop to true deep fall levels, as I arrived at the historic mansion at the corner of NW 15th and Hudson in Oklahoma City's lovely Heritage Hills section.  The mansion was built in 1903 by an early pioneer of the famous 1889 Land Run, a poor man does exceedingly well story for the ages.  Henry Overholser and his young bride Anna moved in and, many claim, never quite left.

The mansion was awaiting the evening's events.  I could see the Director of the facility as she made her way to the nearby Carriage House and the museum offices and giftshop.  I glanced up at the stately towers and broad old fashioned windows and saw a movement. A woman, her shape indestinct,  appeared to be looking out the window.  Then she was gone.   I entered the Carriage House and asked if there were any volunteers already in the Mansion, "No, what did you see?"   A normal question at the historic site along with "what did you hear?"

Two marvelous volunteer tour guides, donned in Victorian and Edwardian dress, added a magical touch to the evening. The Directer was wearng a recreation of an dress which could have been worn on the Titanic. The storyteller was wearing dress and hat from the era of the twenties. The house no doubt welcomed the nod to the fashions of the days it first opened its doors to its owners and their friends.

Two tour groups came through and. a special treat for the evening, the storytelling normally held in the Carriage House was moved to the third floor ballroom. A glorius evening for shivery tales as the rain fell with thick luscious drops against the aged panes of the windows in the room. As the last group left and last minute guests were lingering in the formal halls enjoying the many lovely appointments and the awe brought from being in such a wonderful old house the house was not quite finished for the evening.

One couple snapping photos caught a strange white mist in a thick and somewhat glowing mass as it appeared to descend the family staircase at the back of the house.  Others caught various "orbs" in their photos.  A woman who had been touring the family bedrooms on the second floor was overcome with a great sadness and ill ease and grew uncomfortable enough she had to leave and sat on the stairs collecting her breath.  The group was informed that a similar episode had happened the week earlier for the grand autumn tour of historic homes and nearly the same location.

The house, it was clear, was welcoming the attention it was getting as its halls and rooms glowed with the warmth of light on a chill evening and people once more strolled its corridors and basked in it's loveliness.

The Overholser Mansion, a perfect spot for the Halloween season....or any other one as well.   Visit for infomation on hours and events.

--Marilyn A. Hudson, c2011.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marilyn A. Hudson To Attend Chisholm Trail Book Festival

Author Marilyn A. Hudson will be attending the  Chisholm Trail Book Festival, Sept. 17, 2011 in Duncan, Oklahoma to promote her recent true history books, Tales of Hell's Half Acre and When Death Rode the Rails.  In addition, she will have copies of her chilling short fiction, The Bones of Summer and the novel she has co-written with Cullan Hudson, The Mound.   

Be sure to stop by and say hello, buy a book, and enjoy the event in the lovely convention center in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Often on videos dealing with investigations on the elusive, and yet to be completely proved, Bigfoot, there is a scream in the night.  Knowing from walks through the Ozark woods with my father, other animals can often sound strange and exotic in the dark.  With the increase in sightings of alligators along interior rivers from Florida to Oklahoma, that becomes a possibility. Are the bellows heard in the night in these areas simply misidentified alligator cries?    Panthers, mountain lions, and cougars  are also sometimes suggested as a source. Take a listen...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Restless sleep and the paranormal seem to go hand-in-hand. 

Dreams- Sleep can be disturbed by dreams repetitive, vivid, and nightmarish. Dreams are theoretically the minds 'flush' of excess activities, thoughts, experiences, fears, and  memories.  They are the diagnostic the subconscious runs to allow analysis of choices, decisions, and motivations to come to light.  They are the psychic messages to the conscious mind addressing unresolved fears or desires.  They are connections to the other worlds and realms of this or another universe.  They are pure 'junk' with no meaning whatsoever instigated by, as Lewis Carroll observed in "A Christmas Carol" a bit of undigested beef.  As both mental and physical reality, the dream world can be felt in both mind and body.  A manifestation of this is the condition known as 'sleep paralysis' - which through the centuries has been interpreted as the work of a demon, a witch, a succubus or incubus, a vampire, or a ghost.  One feels as if something is sitting on top of them holding them down or sucking the life force from them.   

Responses to bad dreams over the eons of time have ranged from exotic concoctions, rituals, simple meditations, prayers, and icons.   

Several actions which do play a role in resolving dream problems involve a) being checked over by your doctor for medical conditions which might cause the sleeping problems and getting medical suggestions for improving sleep (more activity, cutting out stimulants, improving diet, etc.).  The increase in sleep apnea (which untreated can be life threatening) make it imperative that sleeplessness be first addressed medically;  
b) Becoming more self-aware by identifying and recording the dreams over time to detect any patterns in symbols, actions, or messages so you can understand what your inner self is trying to tell you, and; 
c) Protecting your sleep space, and yourself, through a ritual or icon you believe will guard you in  your sleep from negative influences or forces.  This might involve nightly prayers (such as a psalm or The Prayer of St. Michael), readings from a sacred text, lighting of candles or the use of cleansing incense, the use of holy icons (statues, rosaries, crosses, etc.), a blessing over the sleep space, a 'command' for a peaceful night spoken by the one afflicted by sleep problems, and  the use of a "Dream Catcher" to capture negative dreams.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Recently a trip to the eastern part of Oklahoma allowed visiting a couple of sites previously investigated and to some location alleged to  have been the site of paranormal activity.   One of the benefits of going during the day was that certain things became apparent and would have been obscured arriving at night.

The car radio first alerted to the potential of their being environmental influences needing to be noted, i.e., in the form of huge electrical towers.    The towers went on for miles and criss-crossed areas where alleged events of paranormal activity have been reported (hauntings, negative spirits, etc.).  Could they have influenced these events? It was possible as other research over the years has indicated these can produce manifestations or create anxiety matching that reported in various accounts. The electromagnetic readings, in this instance, were higher under the towers and in conjunction with the radio static.  

More research is definitely needed. Such things as locating a map with greater detail of where these lines are, so a grid  could be created to see if activity and the high wires demonstrate or suggest the environmental activity can be triggered by such environmental influences ( such as high power lines, running water through granite substructure, and other theoretical influences). 


Since ancient times when shiny natural surfaces of water and stone were used, the reflective surface has been used as a focus for occult and/or paranormal activity. 

It serves as an important symbol in such literary classics as Dracula, Through the Looking Glass, The Picture of Dorian Gray (with the painting substituting for the mirror), and the fairy tale, 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Mirrors reflect an alternate reality because we do not see 'us' but the reverse of 'us' and this heightens the sense of unreality.  Infants think they are seeing another baby in early tests. Mirrors also allow for easy transit into a trance state and have been used to focus physic viewing.

As anyone who has ever gone the, "Bloody Mary" route in the dark in the middle of the night - well they can be down right scary too!   The mind is capable of creating anything it can imagine.    A child one time said he could roar like a dinosaur and preceded to illustrate the might of his roar, only to have his eyes grow wide,  his breathing start to pant, and his skin to pale; he literally frightened himself through the power of his own imagination!

Imagine someone who was intensely 'evil' (what happened to Nero's or Hitler's shaving mirrors as an example?), in great pain, under the influences of some drug, mentally ill or totally insane.  Couple this with the ability of the mirrored surface to allow for ease of transit into and through a trance state.  The result could be an object infused with an intense amount of energy.

Mirrors can be collectors of energy and doorways to other dimensions in some cultures. Breaking them shatters luck for seven years. Covering them after a death an act of respect but also a protection for the departed soul least it be sucked into another time and place and trapped or become lost.

Since the purpose of the mirror is basically narcissistic, it is easy to see how imbued with personal energy such an object might become.  A person would fill the mirror with the energy of their own super-ego and id.  Their vanity at their own looks, their fears of loosing it, their self-loathing, or their anxieties at approaching age all there in that surface....

Read more here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Guthrie Group Ready to Hunt

Investigating the unknown all over but based in Guthrie is a group called the GUTHRIE PARANORMAL STUDIES CREW.  The leaders of the crew include Chris Biggs, Matt Cates, and Bryan Childers  all they take their investigations seriously.  
Utilizing a variety of state of the art technological tools, a good dose of common sense, and a determination to get to the truth, G.P.S.C. is currently looking for new venues to explore to learn more.  
If you have a problem area, know of a place with a 'past', or think you may be having problems of the paranormal variety, consider giving G.P.S.C. a call (or email).  They understand and want to help.
As G.P.S.C. says, "We offer  a group of paranormal investigators that shed some light on the dark."
Chris' G.P.S.C. Facebook Page

New Edition of 'Strange State' Coming

Long known as "the book" on all things strange, ghostly, paranormal and downright bizarre in Oklahoma, Strange State: Legends and Mysteries of Oklahoma, is being published in its third edition this summer.

Newly revised, with additional stories and follow-ups on others, the book will be a delight to any library collection, bookshelf, or as a gift for that person with an interest in the unusual.

It is an almost encyclopedic collection and many of the stories were personally investigated by the author. Some are tales that had remained hidden for nearly 100 years...

Hudson balances the zeal of a 'true believer' with the hard headed rationality of a skeptic providing a work that is encompassing, well rounded and vastly entertaining. 

As a freeland graphic artist Hudson leaves his imprint on intriguing cover designs and photos both evocative and lovely.   Catch up with Cullan Hudson on his popular blog of the unusual at STRANGE STATE BLOG.

The book will be available on later this summer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oklahoma Author Announces New Book

Developed from an intriguing monograph which excited interest among law enforcement and amateur sleuths alike, WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS questions if a serial killer may have worked the rail systems of early day Oklahoma. Her ongoing research has uncovered some very interesting additional finds and some possible out of state links to similar deaths. The manuscript explores early railroad history and chronicles intriguing deaths reported from 1900-1920 along Oklahoma rail roads. Along the way, other fascinating historical details emerge including a series of multi-state ax welding killings where the assailant also used the rails. Whorl Books, 'Haunted By History' series.

About the Author

Marilyn A. Hudson is the Director of Library Services at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Prior, she served as public services librarian for the Metropolitan Library System and as a library media specialist for Norman Public Schools. Listed in the 1997 Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, she was the 2002 recipient of the OLA Outstanding New Librarian Award, and member of the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, Golden Key, and Phi Kappa Phi. Her general research interests are in history, especially social, religious, and church history; women’s studies; mythology, folklore and storytelling. Hudson was lead writer and editor of the book, One Night Club and A Mule Barn: The First 60 Years of Southwestern Christian University and authored, Those Pesky Verses of Paul: Examining Women in the New Testament, The Bones of Summer, Tales of Hell's Half Acre, Elephant Hips are Expensive, and others. She received a B.A. in History and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Oklahoma.
Available at

Friday, June 10, 2011


What motivates a spirit to haunt a location?  The school that is haunted when class is out. The cemetery where spirits linger on. The jail where the prisoners stay in bondage. The room where they killed themselves. Some researchers will say these locations are all likely spots for haunting but are they really?

Considering how awful high school is for most students - why would someone want to haunt it? You were laid in the ground in that cemetery - you really want to hang out there? The prisoners who stay in the place where they were abused, imprisoned, and often died - really?  The room where they took their life in that hotel is the place they want to return to over and over again?

Are they a broken record, forever looping around and around in some fatal last moments? Is the energy of the event enough to imprint on the environment and set in perpetual motion some deathly sequence of events?

Are there spiritual pests?  Creepies and rodents of the mystical plane ( or just another dimensional life form) who burrow into our plane of existence, mimicking and pretending to be something else?  When we enter with the electronic equipment and UV goggles and enter a location is it the equivalent of entering the kitchen in a slum lord's house?;one movement, and millions of cockroaches scatter across floors, walls, and ceilings. 

What is the motivation?  What causes the need or desire to hang around in these strange areas? Random electronic impulses drawn by natural forces we do not yet understand?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


El Reno, Oklahoma is one of many cities rediscovering their history in order to claim their future.  Instead of tearing down grand old buildings, rich in history and with stories still untold, they are restoring, re-tasking, and reshaping the environment of their downtown area.  Communities across the country are finding that the sprawled, decentralization of much of urban life disconnected communities, fragmented development, and frayed citizen participation.  The post-modern  and so-called progressive mind-sent of the mid-20th century was high on destruction but low on preservation of what was truly important to a community.  Kudos to El Reno, Oklahoma for recognizing the value of its past as a crucial element to grasp their future. 


Tammy Wilson & Tonya Hacker, "Ghostlahoma", the book
Teri French White, "Tulsa's Haunted History"
Marilyn A. Hudson, author of "The Bones of Summer", "The Year Without A Halloween: History of  an Oklahoma Holiday", and "Secrets of a Sometimes Psychic" (under pen name)

'GHOSTLAHOMA", El Reno, Ok 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

KANSAS UFO ca 1960's

The following sighting comes from Wellington, Kansas in about the year 1965 (the respondent could not be certain). She believes it was in the summer or early fall. A noise drew the family's attention to the backdoor of their house on the northern part of the town. The back yard was awash in a red-orange glowfalling from the sky above. No details could be discerned - only this strange red-orange glow. The object creating the light made no sound. The respondent remembered hearing dogs barking and her family murmuring as they looked out into the back yard. Her brother opened the screen and went out on the small concrete porch and then.....nothing. The next thing remembered was the family back inside the house and no mention was made of anything happening. The respondent asked about the "light" and her family looked a little blank and said "The light? Oh, yes that was strange." It continued to be only vaguely recalled for many years for all but the respondent. Note: in August of 1965 there was a large UFO flap covering much of the mid-west. Could this be part of that flap?

Haunted Oklahoma

One the questions people have concerning alleged haunted houses is why the haunting? Usual explanations (a violent or tragic past) fail to measure up when the place is a brand new residence or shop or street. This has caused some to speculate that places are not haunted only people. 

Others express different explanations involving classifications of "ghosts", "residuals", "manifestations", 'dark or negative spirit/entity"and "spirit echo". Some - borrowing heavily from 'string theory' even suggest that such events we call haunting are really thin portals into another reality that, in some ways, mirrors our own. When reviewing the literature of the history of humanity, there is a frequent image of just such a situation. The ancients recognized the "thin veil" dividing the dead from the living, this world from the next, and one reality from another. The ancient Celts also referred to this shimmering walls, these thin spots, in time and space. 

Some people have found that there are certain places where the normal rules do not seem to function normally: Spook lights dancing through dark forests in eastern Oklahoma, gravity hills that challenge our ideas in Bartlesville, disappearing people in Bethany, and strange haunted houses that provide sounds hard to explain in Norman. Perhaps the ancients had a greater grasp on the mysterious than is often supposed. It may be that our understanding of the rules of operation need to be more fluid than current science allows. 

Haunted Oklahoma may be the new frontier, a nexus where time, space, and reality intersect to provide important information about the nature of the universe.


Or, at least, that is the rumor. According to some there is an alien underground base in or near Ada, Oklahoma. These are not the cute E.T.'s of Hollywood. No. these are the malicious, evil reptilian creatures whose goal seems to be world domination. These include the familiar "grays" but also more classic reptile looks hidden by various disguises. (And you wondered where the extras from "V" the Movie" went, didn't you?).  Originally, a tale told to Brad Steiger (apparently, never one to too closely check sources or facts) and reported in one of his books.

Another story has been uncovered that suggests that the "activity " going on in Ada, Oklahoma is not aliens - but the secret government of the Illuminati.  They are at work on cloning projects deep under ground. Anyone with a gamma detector should be able to locate the source - despite its being hidden some 7 levels down- as the "process" apparently uses large amounts of gamma radiation.

"Ada, Oklahoma’s underground facility is being used to clone humans. The other cloning facilities are turning out weird creatures. Due to the processes involved they give off lots of gamma radiation (Gamma is at the far end of the electromagnetic wave spectrum--it is even a longer wave than ultraviolet). Because they give off Gamma radiation, these facilities must bedcep (sic) underground. The cloning is done at level 7. The average depth (according to one of the men who built these Deep Underground Facilities - D.U.M.) is 5,600’.---- Source at

It becomes clear that no one in Ada need even see anything. They probably created a tunnel that takes them to the fast food spots in a nearby town.

These 'bases' are turning out clones of movie stars and political leaders - as if there were not enough of them already. The first run in the reserve parts business? A mad plan for world domination? The brain child of a high school student in Ada after a kegger?? Who knows.....who can be sure.....

I am, however, keeping my eyes open for increasing numbers of "twins".

[for those unaware, the tongue is firmly in the cheek]

Murdered By Human Wolves

The other day on a nature program was a fascinating first-person account of a 21st century wolf attack.  It was gripping, especially when one realized the wolves we know today in North America and in the few remaining pockets elsewhere around the globe are far smaller than those known in the middle ages or to the ancients who chose the suckling twins and the mother wolf as symbols of Rome.  Although abbreviated in size, they retain a strong determination and intent when stalking their prey - as the young man who was nearly carried off by the wolf could attest. Although nearly ten years later, his head and face still retained the scars of those fangs digging deep into his scalp and face.  Some say the menace of the wolf was the silence in which they hunt, often slipping in out of the shadows to clutch a morsel (small child, stock, or meat waiting to be cooked) and then are gone.

In that context, it is a little easier to understand the strange tombstone in a small Oklahoma cemetery.  Its bizarre inscription has stirred more than imagination "murdered by human wolves."   One blog detail this grave of Katherine Cross who died in 1899.

Most believe she died at the hands of a local doctor, who was probably responsible for at least one other death of a young women. He was said to have performed an unlawful operation.  Given the time period, the operation may have been an abortion, but could have been something else.   In the end, Katherine and and another young woman were dead.

Some say the menace of the wolf was the silence in which they hunt, often slipping in out of the shadows to clutch a morsel (small child, stock, or meat waiting to be cooked) and then are gone.  Sometimes, however, the only difference between a human two-legged wolf and a werewolf is only the amount of fur showing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


 One theory of sightings related to paranormal or out of the ordinary events is that they are sparked  by media events.  A movie will create sightings of UFO's, Bigfoot, or Ghosts.  Researchers are quick to suggest that impressionable audiences then 'see' things in the sky, the woods, or in the dark.

It appears to be selective, if that is indeed what is happening, as was shown in a recent study conducted by myself.   I examined how often the term "werewolf" emerged in one  news source from 1910 to 1979.  As expected, in the 1930's and the release of "The Wolfman" there were increased instances of the word but not as sightings or related to unusual deaths or events.   In the late 1930's, the German war machines "Wolfman"  units were ruthless released on European populations.   In the 1960's, teen movies appear but no stories of sightings or death and costumes sells soared.  In the 1970's, the myth was being explained away by a strange skin condition that explained the ancient misunderstandings about people with the condition.

Yet, no legends came to light of strange howling at the moon, manlike beastial murders, strange large sized wolfen tracks, and no spikes in the making of silver bullets.  I could have missed something, but it does appear as if the movie in no way generated 'wolf sighting waves.'  

Which is something interesting to contemplate about those UFO, Bigfoot, and Ghost waves.  Interest may be peaked, people may be reminded to look up, look out, and look around more and they may take more notice - but apparently only when something is there do people remark about it.  

Anyone remember when the last great American "Werewolf" sighting was?   Anyone recall a time when local legends about fur-faced humans with long canines sent delighted shivers over youthful skin?  I will guess that any such stories are contained within very specific people groups or locations and have no connection to any outside influences.

Maybe - just maybe - a second look should be taken at the suggestion all outbreaks and phases of anomalous sightings are presaged by movies, television, or books.