Saturday, October 29, 2011


A lovely cool autumn day dwindled down into a mild evening perfect for a night on the town or a tour of a historic mansion followed by ghostly tales of legend and imagination by storyteller and author Marilyn A. Hudson. 

The mansion fulfilled it reputation as a unique and lovely place for all. It also offered its own little surprises for visitors...the lingering scent of roses, long a favored flower of the late Mrs. Overholser was encountered by two people in two different tour groups.

The museum uses no scents or any product to have created the aroma.   The sounds of footsteps on an empty floor were also heard by one in attendance.  A deep chill was encountered by one in an area known for its strange activities.   One person caught an orb or two as well (see photo).

As always, the lovely and historic mansion gracefully opened its arms to those who selected to travel into the past on a cool autumn evening.  The Overholsers were known for their social gatherings and enjoyed the company of friends in the house. So is it any surprise that when company comes to call once again that there is a stirring, a welcome, and - just occasionally - a small chill?

Any season of the year, this magnificent reminder of past times, past lives, and past tragedies is a tour worth the taking.   Support for this mansion is a way for its history of the rough and tumble energy of the birth of Oklahoma City and the state to be preserved for future generations.   Having walked its halls and sat silently in its rooms....can anyone wonder if having called it home... that anyone could bear to leave?

---Marilyn A. Hudson, c2011

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