Wednesday, April 27, 2011


El Reno, Oklahoma is one of many cities rediscovering their history in order to claim their future.  Instead of tearing down grand old buildings, rich in history and with stories still untold, they are restoring, re-tasking, and reshaping the environment of their downtown area.  Communities across the country are finding that the sprawled, decentralization of much of urban life disconnected communities, fragmented development, and frayed citizen participation.  The post-modern  and so-called progressive mind-sent of the mid-20th century was high on destruction but low on preservation of what was truly important to a community.  Kudos to El Reno, Oklahoma for recognizing the value of its past as a crucial element to grasp their future. 


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'GHOSTLAHOMA", El Reno, Ok 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

KANSAS UFO ca 1960's

The following sighting comes from Wellington, Kansas in about the year 1965 (the respondent could not be certain). She believes it was in the summer or early fall. A noise drew the family's attention to the backdoor of their house on the northern part of the town. The back yard was awash in a red-orange glowfalling from the sky above. No details could be discerned - only this strange red-orange glow. The object creating the light made no sound. The respondent remembered hearing dogs barking and her family murmuring as they looked out into the back yard. Her brother opened the screen and went out on the small concrete porch and then.....nothing. The next thing remembered was the family back inside the house and no mention was made of anything happening. The respondent asked about the "light" and her family looked a little blank and said "The light? Oh, yes that was strange." It continued to be only vaguely recalled for many years for all but the respondent. Note: in August of 1965 there was a large UFO flap covering much of the mid-west. Could this be part of that flap?

Haunted Oklahoma

One the questions people have concerning alleged haunted houses is why the haunting? Usual explanations (a violent or tragic past) fail to measure up when the place is a brand new residence or shop or street. This has caused some to speculate that places are not haunted only people. 

Others express different explanations involving classifications of "ghosts", "residuals", "manifestations", 'dark or negative spirit/entity"and "spirit echo". Some - borrowing heavily from 'string theory' even suggest that such events we call haunting are really thin portals into another reality that, in some ways, mirrors our own. When reviewing the literature of the history of humanity, there is a frequent image of just such a situation. The ancients recognized the "thin veil" dividing the dead from the living, this world from the next, and one reality from another. The ancient Celts also referred to this shimmering walls, these thin spots, in time and space. 

Some people have found that there are certain places where the normal rules do not seem to function normally: Spook lights dancing through dark forests in eastern Oklahoma, gravity hills that challenge our ideas in Bartlesville, disappearing people in Bethany, and strange haunted houses that provide sounds hard to explain in Norman. Perhaps the ancients had a greater grasp on the mysterious than is often supposed. It may be that our understanding of the rules of operation need to be more fluid than current science allows. 

Haunted Oklahoma may be the new frontier, a nexus where time, space, and reality intersect to provide important information about the nature of the universe.


Or, at least, that is the rumor. According to some there is an alien underground base in or near Ada, Oklahoma. These are not the cute E.T.'s of Hollywood. No. these are the malicious, evil reptilian creatures whose goal seems to be world domination. These include the familiar "grays" but also more classic reptile looks hidden by various disguises. (And you wondered where the extras from "V" the Movie" went, didn't you?).  Originally, a tale told to Brad Steiger (apparently, never one to too closely check sources or facts) and reported in one of his books.

Another story has been uncovered that suggests that the "activity " going on in Ada, Oklahoma is not aliens - but the secret government of the Illuminati.  They are at work on cloning projects deep under ground. Anyone with a gamma detector should be able to locate the source - despite its being hidden some 7 levels down- as the "process" apparently uses large amounts of gamma radiation.

"Ada, Oklahoma’s underground facility is being used to clone humans. The other cloning facilities are turning out weird creatures. Due to the processes involved they give off lots of gamma radiation (Gamma is at the far end of the electromagnetic wave spectrum--it is even a longer wave than ultraviolet). Because they give off Gamma radiation, these facilities must bedcep (sic) underground. The cloning is done at level 7. The average depth (according to one of the men who built these Deep Underground Facilities - D.U.M.) is 5,600’.---- Source at

It becomes clear that no one in Ada need even see anything. They probably created a tunnel that takes them to the fast food spots in a nearby town.

These 'bases' are turning out clones of movie stars and political leaders - as if there were not enough of them already. The first run in the reserve parts business? A mad plan for world domination? The brain child of a high school student in Ada after a kegger?? Who knows.....who can be sure.....

I am, however, keeping my eyes open for increasing numbers of "twins".

[for those unaware, the tongue is firmly in the cheek]

Murdered By Human Wolves

The other day on a nature program was a fascinating first-person account of a 21st century wolf attack.  It was gripping, especially when one realized the wolves we know today in North America and in the few remaining pockets elsewhere around the globe are far smaller than those known in the middle ages or to the ancients who chose the suckling twins and the mother wolf as symbols of Rome.  Although abbreviated in size, they retain a strong determination and intent when stalking their prey - as the young man who was nearly carried off by the wolf could attest. Although nearly ten years later, his head and face still retained the scars of those fangs digging deep into his scalp and face.  Some say the menace of the wolf was the silence in which they hunt, often slipping in out of the shadows to clutch a morsel (small child, stock, or meat waiting to be cooked) and then are gone.

In that context, it is a little easier to understand the strange tombstone in a small Oklahoma cemetery.  Its bizarre inscription has stirred more than imagination "murdered by human wolves."   One blog detail this grave of Katherine Cross who died in 1899.

Most believe she died at the hands of a local doctor, who was probably responsible for at least one other death of a young women. He was said to have performed an unlawful operation.  Given the time period, the operation may have been an abortion, but could have been something else.   In the end, Katherine and and another young woman were dead.

Some say the menace of the wolf was the silence in which they hunt, often slipping in out of the shadows to clutch a morsel (small child, stock, or meat waiting to be cooked) and then are gone.  Sometimes, however, the only difference between a human two-legged wolf and a werewolf is only the amount of fur showing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


 One theory of sightings related to paranormal or out of the ordinary events is that they are sparked  by media events.  A movie will create sightings of UFO's, Bigfoot, or Ghosts.  Researchers are quick to suggest that impressionable audiences then 'see' things in the sky, the woods, or in the dark.

It appears to be selective, if that is indeed what is happening, as was shown in a recent study conducted by myself.   I examined how often the term "werewolf" emerged in one  news source from 1910 to 1979.  As expected, in the 1930's and the release of "The Wolfman" there were increased instances of the word but not as sightings or related to unusual deaths or events.   In the late 1930's, the German war machines "Wolfman"  units were ruthless released on European populations.   In the 1960's, teen movies appear but no stories of sightings or death and costumes sells soared.  In the 1970's, the myth was being explained away by a strange skin condition that explained the ancient misunderstandings about people with the condition.

Yet, no legends came to light of strange howling at the moon, manlike beastial murders, strange large sized wolfen tracks, and no spikes in the making of silver bullets.  I could have missed something, but it does appear as if the movie in no way generated 'wolf sighting waves.'  

Which is something interesting to contemplate about those UFO, Bigfoot, and Ghost waves.  Interest may be peaked, people may be reminded to look up, look out, and look around more and they may take more notice - but apparently only when something is there do people remark about it.  

Anyone remember when the last great American "Werewolf" sighting was?   Anyone recall a time when local legends about fur-faced humans with long canines sent delighted shivers over youthful skin?  I will guess that any such stories are contained within very specific people groups or locations and have no connection to any outside influences.

Maybe - just maybe - a second look should be taken at the suggestion all outbreaks and phases of anomalous sightings are presaged by movies, television, or books.