Saturday, April 9, 2011


 One theory of sightings related to paranormal or out of the ordinary events is that they are sparked  by media events.  A movie will create sightings of UFO's, Bigfoot, or Ghosts.  Researchers are quick to suggest that impressionable audiences then 'see' things in the sky, the woods, or in the dark.

It appears to be selective, if that is indeed what is happening, as was shown in a recent study conducted by myself.   I examined how often the term "werewolf" emerged in one  news source from 1910 to 1979.  As expected, in the 1930's and the release of "The Wolfman" there were increased instances of the word but not as sightings or related to unusual deaths or events.   In the late 1930's, the German war machines "Wolfman"  units were ruthless released on European populations.   In the 1960's, teen movies appear but no stories of sightings or death and costumes sells soared.  In the 1970's, the myth was being explained away by a strange skin condition that explained the ancient misunderstandings about people with the condition.

Yet, no legends came to light of strange howling at the moon, manlike beastial murders, strange large sized wolfen tracks, and no spikes in the making of silver bullets.  I could have missed something, but it does appear as if the movie in no way generated 'wolf sighting waves.'  

Which is something interesting to contemplate about those UFO, Bigfoot, and Ghost waves.  Interest may be peaked, people may be reminded to look up, look out, and look around more and they may take more notice - but apparently only when something is there do people remark about it.  

Anyone remember when the last great American "Werewolf" sighting was?   Anyone recall a time when local legends about fur-faced humans with long canines sent delighted shivers over youthful skin?  I will guess that any such stories are contained within very specific people groups or locations and have no connection to any outside influences.

Maybe - just maybe - a second look should be taken at the suggestion all outbreaks and phases of anomalous sightings are presaged by movies, television, or books.   

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