Monday, February 20, 2012


Kitchen Lake, Hudson Photo
Soon to be turned into a 30 acre fishing and park area, as of Feb. 2012.

Kitchen Lake.  Just east of SE 149th and SE 119th & Sooner Road,   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The legend: A witch's house, burned to the ground, batteries die/drain, animal parts hanging from trees, strange anomalies, creepy feelings, etc. Some claim the event occurred in the early 1900's.

Kitchen Lake, Hudson Photo
The Investigation:  The area is in the region south of Tinker AFB land, where in the late 1940's a huge fire destroyed land and houses there (most were being demolished). This fire, no doubt,  becomes mixed with the general fire legend leading to a corruption of both tales.  The Tinker fire, since it involved aircraft fuel, did linger in the air for a long time according to locals and newspaper accounts.  The area of the house revealed evidence of a fire but no mysterious hanging animals, no energy draining, no strange feelings, and nothing but the isolation  of a rural area.  Most reports indicate the 'house' was empty when it burned (possibly due to lightening strike). It was obvious from examination of the region, it was a popular area for people to park and drink (the so called lake, low and swamp like filled with plants, was rife with tossed beer cans, bottles, and wrappers). A few people still live in the area, some horses are kept, and many no trespassing signs indicate problems with sight seers. Temperature fluctuations were explained by air coming off the nearby body of water; this created cool drafts and might account for some of the 'strange smoke' (fog) observed.  The house is also in the general area of an alleged 'cry-baby bridge' which has been debunked.

Conclusion: The legend is a whole cloth urban fantasy, no doubt constructed by bored local youth, added to by skittish legend trippers fueled by drugs, drink, and/or fabrication. Examination of known photos is inconclusive and may reflect nothing more than smoke (never smoke on an investigation!), fog, or insects.


  1. Actually there is something out there but it ain't ghosts. You got people getting spooked by the local wildlife. I know a guy who spent two
    weeks out there and never had anything paranormal
    , but he did possibly see a bear

  2. Seeing a bear in that area would have been strange enough. State wildlife officials indicate major areas are much further southeast. The drought could drive larger wildlife further afield looking for food. I agree - there are not any ghosts. Other activity - including drugs, sex,and roll-n-roll - but no ghosts.

  3. Actually the OWC tends to keep these things quite. I am a biologist who has aided with the OAS and the OBS going on and there are definately bears in central OK. I have seen bear tracks at Lake Thunderbird, Lexington, CNRA down at Sulphur, and actually seen one twice in McClain County. I have also heard one down in the Tabletops. There is also a documented case of one being shot down at dibble in the early 80's late 70's (Purcell register), and I know one has turned up at Ft. Cobb lake and another at El Reno.

    The fish and game keeps this quiet because these are the remnants of the original native population. A lot of people have heard the story of them moving big predators into the state and they will deny it completely, but it is true. I can actually name people involved in the move, as I have some ties with them both personally and professionally. Back in the late 80s there was a movement to re-establish the large mega fauna in the state that had been nearly wiped out. There were three packs of wolves released (two in the eastern part and one in the central region of the state. A friend of mine had one with a radio collar show up at his house), about 30 big cats from various areas (which is why ones killed in this state show different genetic groupings) and 80 bears from wisconsin and minnisota were released in the ouachitas. The main difference between the native strain black bear is the fact our native bears were a alburn color and maked out at about 130lbs. The genetics of the introduced bears allows them to hit far greater sizes and they are not afraid of people. There are also remnants of the other predators scattered throughout the state as well, and a few other thing that they would rather the public not know about.

    In addition there are pockets of Elk escapes/ remnants that are highly guarded near woodward and near the Canadian/ Grady/McClain county boundries, as well as Alligators in central Oklahoma, though quite rare. I know of several having been caught or seen through the years, and I saw one down near shawnee, and found tracks from a 10 footer near lindsay. There are also some invasive animals that have been released. Down along the south canadian there is a population of Hyenas that were accidentally released by a breeder, as well as several groups of Kangaroos in SW oklahoma.

  4. I had several unerving experiences out there a few years ago.

  5. My story is too detailed to be put here. Plus I am tired of repeating it. Lol.


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