Sunday, April 10, 2011


Or, at least, that is the rumor. According to some there is an alien underground base in or near Ada, Oklahoma. These are not the cute E.T.'s of Hollywood. No. these are the malicious, evil reptilian creatures whose goal seems to be world domination. These include the familiar "grays" but also more classic reptile looks hidden by various disguises. (And you wondered where the extras from "V" the Movie" went, didn't you?).  Originally, a tale told to Brad Steiger (apparently, never one to too closely check sources or facts) and reported in one of his books.

Another story has been uncovered that suggests that the "activity " going on in Ada, Oklahoma is not aliens - but the secret government of the Illuminati.  They are at work on cloning projects deep under ground. Anyone with a gamma detector should be able to locate the source - despite its being hidden some 7 levels down- as the "process" apparently uses large amounts of gamma radiation.

"Ada, Oklahoma’s underground facility is being used to clone humans. The other cloning facilities are turning out weird creatures. Due to the processes involved they give off lots of gamma radiation (Gamma is at the far end of the electromagnetic wave spectrum--it is even a longer wave than ultraviolet). Because they give off Gamma radiation, these facilities must bedcep (sic) underground. The cloning is done at level 7. The average depth (according to one of the men who built these Deep Underground Facilities - D.U.M.) is 5,600’.---- Source at

It becomes clear that no one in Ada need even see anything. They probably created a tunnel that takes them to the fast food spots in a nearby town.

These 'bases' are turning out clones of movie stars and political leaders - as if there were not enough of them already. The first run in the reserve parts business? A mad plan for world domination? The brain child of a high school student in Ada after a kegger?? Who knows.....who can be sure.....

I am, however, keeping my eyes open for increasing numbers of "twins".

[for those unaware, the tongue is firmly in the cheek]

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  1. My ex girlfriend was born in Ada, and after dating her it makes total sense that she is an alien.


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