Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haunted Oklahoma

One the questions people have concerning alleged haunted houses is why the haunting? Usual explanations (a violent or tragic past) fail to measure up when the place is a brand new residence or shop or street. This has caused some to speculate that places are not haunted only people. 

Others express different explanations involving classifications of "ghosts", "residuals", "manifestations", 'dark or negative spirit/entity"and "spirit echo". Some - borrowing heavily from 'string theory' even suggest that such events we call haunting are really thin portals into another reality that, in some ways, mirrors our own. When reviewing the literature of the history of humanity, there is a frequent image of just such a situation. The ancients recognized the "thin veil" dividing the dead from the living, this world from the next, and one reality from another. The ancient Celts also referred to this shimmering walls, these thin spots, in time and space. 

Some people have found that there are certain places where the normal rules do not seem to function normally: Spook lights dancing through dark forests in eastern Oklahoma, gravity hills that challenge our ideas in Bartlesville, disappearing people in Bethany, and strange haunted houses that provide sounds hard to explain in Norman. Perhaps the ancients had a greater grasp on the mysterious than is often supposed. It may be that our understanding of the rules of operation need to be more fluid than current science allows. 

Haunted Oklahoma may be the new frontier, a nexus where time, space, and reality intersect to provide important information about the nature of the universe.

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