Sunday, April 10, 2011

KANSAS UFO ca 1960's

The following sighting comes from Wellington, Kansas in about the year 1965 (the respondent could not be certain). She believes it was in the summer or early fall. A noise drew the family's attention to the backdoor of their house on the northern part of the town. The back yard was awash in a red-orange glowfalling from the sky above. No details could be discerned - only this strange red-orange glow. The object creating the light made no sound. The respondent remembered hearing dogs barking and her family murmuring as they looked out into the back yard. Her brother opened the screen and went out on the small concrete porch and then.....nothing. The next thing remembered was the family back inside the house and no mention was made of anything happening. The respondent asked about the "light" and her family looked a little blank and said "The light? Oh, yes that was strange." It continued to be only vaguely recalled for many years for all but the respondent. Note: in August of 1965 there was a large UFO flap covering much of the mid-west. Could this be part of that flap?

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