Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Publisher Seeking Submissions for Charity Book

The House Down the Street
2013 project
Whorl Books announces it is planning a short story collection for 2013 featuring work by authors aged 12 and over.  The proposed title of the work is 'THE HOUSE DOWN THE STREET."   Interested authors are invited to submit work for this project.

Project description:
1. Fund-raising book featuring submitted work.  Any royalities from sales of this work will go to a designated local history, literacy,  or arts project.
2. Authors/publisher will not receive finanical renumeration.
3. Authors will be properly credited and their material will be first-rights use only. All other rights return to the author.

1. Work must be original to the person submitting the material.
2. Submissions should be submitted as word documents (.doc) and sent to the email address listed below.
3.  A short bio statement of the author should be included in the email (name, where author lives, attends/attended school, etc.)
4.   The following statement should be included in the email:  "The work submitted here, [insert name of story], is the original creation of [insert author name]. I give permission for Whorl Books to publish it for charity fundraising purposes and recognize that no payment will be made for this use but that all rights return to me after this publication."
5.  Story should be approximately 5 to 10 pages.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria.
1.  The writing is topically connected with the book title.
2.  The writing is quality work (grammar, spelling, style, form, etc.)
4.  The writing follows MLA formatting as to form. It should use Times New Roman or Tahoma,  12 point font, and have author name on each page (in the header field).
5.   The writing avoids language or content which would not be suitable for ages 12 to 16.  
6.   The writing reveals innovative use of the language and does not resort to over use of cliche or stereotypes.
7.   The story is engaging and enjoyable.

Email: whorlbooks@gmail.com
Email: marilynahudson@yahoo.com (projector coordinator)

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