Monday, December 24, 2012

Haunted Places: That Are

The Overholser Mansion, Oklahoma City.

History: Built in 1903 by local land and banking leader, Henry Overholser.  Only lived in by the Overholsers, first the elder Overholsers (Henry and Anna) and later the daughter and  her husband (she was Ione Overholser Perry).  Rare among historic houses due to the contents being original to the house.

Reports:  As early as the 1960's witnesses, including the wife of then Senator Mike Monroney, reported seeing a woman dressed in white in the area of the drawing room and the music room.  These rooms were centers of social life for the Overholsers, reports of smelling smoke in the Cigar room, music in the music room, and the buzz of conversation are common.   Reports of slamming doors, impressions of a body in a new made bed, a woman seen from outside in the turret room, and other occurrences are numerous.  Numerous  psychics and investigators have had 'interesting' experiences in the house, the coach house, and on the grounds. 

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