Friday, June 24, 2011

Guthrie Group Ready to Hunt

Investigating the unknown all over but based in Guthrie is a group called the GUTHRIE PARANORMAL STUDIES CREW.  The leaders of the crew include Chris Biggs, Matt Cates, and Bryan Childers  all they take their investigations seriously.  
Utilizing a variety of state of the art technological tools, a good dose of common sense, and a determination to get to the truth, G.P.S.C. is currently looking for new venues to explore to learn more.  
If you have a problem area, know of a place with a 'past', or think you may be having problems of the paranormal variety, consider giving G.P.S.C. a call (or email).  They understand and want to help.
As G.P.S.C. says, "We offer  a group of paranormal investigators that shed some light on the dark."
Chris' G.P.S.C. Facebook Page

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  1. I have seen your video on youtube, your group seems very knowledgeable and intelligent. I think that you guys will go as far as you want to go. Hard work and determination. Keep up the good work and good evidence. Thanks for what you do.


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