Friday, June 24, 2011

New Edition of 'Strange State' Coming

Long known as "the book" on all things strange, ghostly, paranormal and downright bizarre in Oklahoma, Strange State: Legends and Mysteries of Oklahoma, is being published in its third edition this summer.

Newly revised, with additional stories and follow-ups on others, the book will be a delight to any library collection, bookshelf, or as a gift for that person with an interest in the unusual.

It is an almost encyclopedic collection and many of the stories were personally investigated by the author. Some are tales that had remained hidden for nearly 100 years...

Hudson balances the zeal of a 'true believer' with the hard headed rationality of a skeptic providing a work that is encompassing, well rounded and vastly entertaining. 

As a freeland graphic artist Hudson leaves his imprint on intriguing cover designs and photos both evocative and lovely.   Catch up with Cullan Hudson on his popular blog of the unusual at STRANGE STATE BLOG.

The book will be available on later this summer.

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