Friday, June 10, 2011


What motivates a spirit to haunt a location?  The school that is haunted when class is out. The cemetery where spirits linger on. The jail where the prisoners stay in bondage. The room where they killed themselves. Some researchers will say these locations are all likely spots for haunting but are they really?

Considering how awful high school is for most students - why would someone want to haunt it? You were laid in the ground in that cemetery - you really want to hang out there? The prisoners who stay in the place where they were abused, imprisoned, and often died - really?  The room where they took their life in that hotel is the place they want to return to over and over again?

Are they a broken record, forever looping around and around in some fatal last moments? Is the energy of the event enough to imprint on the environment and set in perpetual motion some deathly sequence of events?

Are there spiritual pests?  Creepies and rodents of the mystical plane ( or just another dimensional life form) who burrow into our plane of existence, mimicking and pretending to be something else?  When we enter with the electronic equipment and UV goggles and enter a location is it the equivalent of entering the kitchen in a slum lord's house?;one movement, and millions of cockroaches scatter across floors, walls, and ceilings. 

What is the motivation?  What causes the need or desire to hang around in these strange areas? Random electronic impulses drawn by natural forces we do not yet understand?

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