Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Recently a trip to the eastern part of Oklahoma allowed visiting a couple of sites previously investigated and to some location alleged to  have been the site of paranormal activity.   One of the benefits of going during the day was that certain things became apparent and would have been obscured arriving at night.

The car radio first alerted to the potential of their being environmental influences needing to be noted, i.e., in the form of huge electrical towers.    The towers went on for miles and criss-crossed areas where alleged events of paranormal activity have been reported (hauntings, negative spirits, etc.).  Could they have influenced these events? It was possible as other research over the years has indicated these can produce manifestations or create anxiety matching that reported in various accounts. The electromagnetic readings, in this instance, were higher under the towers and in conjunction with the radio static.  

More research is definitely needed. Such things as locating a map with greater detail of where these lines are, so a grid  could be created to see if activity and the high wires demonstrate or suggest the environmental activity can be triggered by such environmental influences ( such as high power lines, running water through granite substructure, and other theoretical influences). 

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