Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Case of Oppression

The following is based a real case, the names have been withheld for their privacy and they have given permission for this account to be shared.

A couple in south central Oklahoma was experiencing just a normal life, however, it seemed to the wife that her husband was drinking a little more and was getting depressed frequently.  This continued for several months and the general depression increased, as did the drinking.  Never violent, the man just drank heavily but never to the point of being drunk. 

One night the wife was having trouble sleeping and went to another room to read for awhile. She ended up reading for a long time and saw it was only an hour before her usual wake up time.  Getting up she went to the bedroom shared with her husband and as the door opened the light from the lamp illuminated a strange scene.

A black foggy, small but man shaped something was perched on his chest. Its dark shadowy face almost nose to nose with her husband's face.  There was a very cold and evil feel to the room and she instantly knew this was the cause of the changes in  her husband.  A religious woman, she pointed a finger at the invasive entity. Never speaking aloud, she sent it the message to "get out!"  "Get away from him, in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave him alone! Get out!! Get out!! You are NOT welcome here!"  It just blinked out....disappeared from sight. 

From that day to the present, the woman asserts, she has had no problems with issues in her house and her husband's mental and emotional health vastly improved and he stopped drinking. 

The description fits the general incubus, old hag, demons, and succubus descriptions through the ages.  The fact that the woman in this case was awake when this entity was seen is intriguing and make necessitate reevaluating those old stories and the general acceptance of the sleep disorder explantion.

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