Saturday, October 26, 2013

Active at the Mansion

During the recent  evening holiday tours of the Overholser Mansion and sessions with local author and story artist, Marilyn A. Hudson, the mansion welcomed visitors in its unique way. 
Numerous dead batteries, footsteps, the scent of roses, and several strange photographic anomalies were reported.  Shown here is photo of the area where a camera could not focus and could be heard as it tried to focus - the way it did when too many people moved in a photo group ...yet images from other parts of the room had no difficulty focusing and were very clear.

The lingering presence of several occupants is not at all frightening...the place was too well loved and the people there just too happy leave.  No dark presences or foreboding feelings have been reported.  They are however, apparently not above playing the fun prank on occasion. 

Take the tour of the 1903 mansion, enjoy the slice of life as it was when OKC was young, and support the preservation of this valuable historic site.

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